Good News, 03.24.2011


Why do we rush about looking for God – who is here at home with us, if all we want is to be with God? Let us fly to our beloved homeland – from the noise that is around us to the joys that are silent. St. Augustine

Susanna El Mogazi invites you to bring clothes and shoes for the relief of Tsunami victims in Japan to Peace this Saturday, from 9 – 12 or with you to church on Sunday. All sizes are needed. If you can help her transport these items please let her know. There will be a Packing Party at her home on Sunday afternoon April 10 – time to be announced.

The Soul / Food: Earth, Faith and Food Project invites you to attend the next meeting with Rebecca Calahan Klein on Thursday, March 31 at 7:00 pm at Peace. Help us decide how the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) project can be most effective in providing organic food for the families in our Interfaith Community and those living in poverty in our county.

Several weeks ago, my friend Tony Hall told me he felt called to a period of fasting in response to the budget debate that now dominates Congress. I have decided to join Tony—a former member of Congress who now leads the Alliance to End Hunger—in a one-week, water-only fast. I will begin March 28. I invite you to turn to God in fasting and prayer during these weeks before Easter. If you choose to fast—for a week or until Easter—do it in a way that’s right for you. What’s important is that we invite our loving God more fully into our lives and into the life of our nation. The debate about the federal budget is really a debate about national priorities, so we invite God to reshape our personal priorities and the priorities of our nation. Your calls and emails to Congress are a welcomed part of this fast. (David Beckman, President of Bread for the World)

This Sunday we will have a Healing Prayer Service – a time to release the burdens which are too heavy to bear. Invite friends to join you for this service of strengthening and peace.

April is JAM (Jazz Appreciation Month). We will have two additional Jazz Events in April to celebrate JAM. Keith Hines of KCSM Radio will host the Saturday, April 2nd event with EW Wainwright and the African Roots performing “The Social Evolution of Jazz”. Hear the whole evolutionary history of jazz in one evening! Our favorite harpist Destiny Muhammed will be performing that evening as well. Pete Yellin performs for Jazz at Peace on April 10th at 5 pm. Clifford Brown, III performs with his Brewing Company on Saturday, April 30th. The Saturday events are both at 7:30 pm.

Please join us on Wednesday evenings throughout Lent at 6:30 for Soup and Sacrament. Our focus is Jonah: The Comedy of Forgiveness. You will discover yourself laughing at things you never thought funny before.

How is your Unplugging from Technology going? Are you able to slow down, have dinner with friends, enjoy strolls in nature, breathe more easily? Aren’t Lenten disciplines demanding?!

“The wind moves wherever she pleases, you hear the sound but you don’t know from whence or to where the wind is flowing……..and so it is with everyone who is birthed in the Spirit.” – Jesus

Lenten Blessings, Pr. Steve