Good News, 02.25.10


When the heart yearns for something, the distance one has to go to get it matters not at all. – Rebbe Nachman of Breslov

Our Sunday School is off to a great start.  Such much joy, wisdom and energy to share.  Thanks for encouraging and supporting your children’s involvement!  Heard the Word for parents, grandparents and other adults continues with Text Reflection and coffee in the Gathering Hall at 9:30.

Family Service for the Small and Tall – We are the World! This Sunday we bless, baptize and nurture the gifts of our children in worship.  Cellist and pianist Tamara Bohlin and her sons will join us – you may want to arrive early to hear them.  And keep your eyes open:  the little children will (as Jesus said)……lead us!

During Lent we will have a Time of Stillness in the Sanctuary for 10 minutes prior to worship.  This quiet time will encourage your prayer and meditation during this season.   The Prayer Circle begins at 9:50 with the sounding of the Singing Bowl and the offering of prayers for our community, those in need and for our day’s worship.  You may join them for this brief prayer around the Singing Bowl if you wish.

The Women’s Group and a local Girl Scout Troop remind you to bring Canned Goods for our local Food Pantry to church this Sunday.  The increasing numbers of hungry families in our County has not subsided.

Soup and Sacrament had a fine beginning.  Join us on the Wednesdays of Lent at 6:30 for a lovely meal of soup and bread followed by reflections on Psalm 23 and an informal Eucharist.  We are anticipating Gen Estenson’s famous Lamb Stew soon! Groan!!!! [The groan was added by me, Anita]

Richard Caemmerer joins us this next week to paint the wall where Dust to Dust (Stardust to Human Dust) aka Father Abraham resides. Your help is requested after worship to move the pews closest to the wall. (If you can help set up scaffolding on Monday please contact me.)  He will be painting from Tuesday – Friday next week and you may come by to observe. Richard will speak on “Housing the Divine” on Saturday, March 6 at 10 am. Hopefully you have received a flyer about this and are inviting your friends to join you as well.   Coffee and goodies will be provided.   Local art groups, galleries, the Jazz Community and interfaith congregations have all been invited.  Come and honor this great artist and great friend of Peace.

Please keep Sue Field and her mother in your prayers. Sue has flown home to Britain to be with her mom.  Also pray for:  our Catechumens;  our new members Libby Flynn, Jane Powell, Edith Bonath, Emily and Kevin Davidson and daughters Brooke and Molly, and Carol and Al Barake;  the unemployed; the people of Haiti; the children of our world who suffer and long for love; Richard, Taylor, Ed. We will have a Community Seder with Beth Chaim Congregation on Thursday, March 25th at Peace.  Details to come.

Inga Swearingen who has sung for Jazz at Peace and sung a ‘gazillion’ times for ‘A Prairie Home Companion’ will be our guest musician for Jazz at Peace on March 14.  This will be another incredible event.  Special plans are evolving.  You won’t dare miss this one!

The Mortgage Burning was a success!  The mortgage documents were consumed in a fiery blaze as the congregation gathered around a blazing fire pit (or its modern equivalent).  Families processed passed the fire contributing the remaining Debt Retirement envelopes (now not needed) to the flames.   Members were blessed with incense as they reentered the church reminding them to let our prayers rise up like incense.   Congratulations have been offered from a number of local congregations.  Well done!  And Gratitude to our Debt Retirement Committee who now have nothing to do. More photos from Sunday’s worship service and mortgage burning here.

Blessings, Pr. Steve