Good News, 02.17.10


Pray with emotion and God will answer you.
Pray with an attentive heart and see all of heaven’s doors open before you.
Pray with joy and watch your requests ascend straight to God’s chamber on high.  Rebbe Nachman of Breslov

Congratulations to Nargiz Warner and Evelyn Tackett on completing the Early Communion Class!  Your Valentine’s Day Communion Bread was excellent.

This Sunday our Sunday School begins at 9:00 am! Pr. Anita is excited to begin.  She is pleased that we have 3 teachers and 14 adults who have volunteered to assist.  Add all of our children and grandchildren and the love of the Spirit and off we go! Anita wants to remind everyone that Sunday School begins promptly at 9:00 a.m.; three year olds through kindergarten will be with her in room 1, while grades 1 – 4 will be with Bob Winter and Tammy Valenta in room 2. See you Sunday!!!

We will have a Family Service on February 28 also at which we will celebrate a Baptism, a Blessing and the gifts of children around the world.  Expect much joy!

The Debt Retirement Celebration happens this Sunday in worship.   What an accomplishment for our congregation in the midst of these difficult times.   There should be some coverage in the Danville Weekly this Friday.

And don’t forget….our annual Crab Feast and Silent Auction is coming!!!!! Click on the image below to view a larger version.

Richard Caemmerer will join us March 1 – 6 to recolor some of the wall painting as all touch and tribute to our Debt Retirement success.  On Saturday, March 6 at 10 am he will speak on “Housing the Divine.” This is a wonderful opportunity for all of us to hear and dialogue with this great artist.  I hope you will invite friends who enjoy beauty and mystery to share this occasion with you.  It will be a fine way for us to honor Richard and all the gifts he has given  Peace over the years – from our Processional Cross, Baptismal Font and Mosaic to the beauty of our Stained Glass Windows and the peaceful light that dances in our sanctuary.

Thanks to all who signed up for the Worship Team ministries this past Sunday.   This was Margaret Beeler’s suggestion and because she always demands to be center stage you can appreciate her truth when she says, “ There’s no better way to get your name in the bulletin than being on a worship team!”

The Partnership Committee invites all members of Peace to our Partnership Retreat on Saturday, February 20, at 1:30 p.m. here at Peace. The purpose of this retreat is to provide you with in-depth information about our partnership ministries in Nicaragua and South Africa (including travel reports), and to develop objectives for future projects/activities. If you usually don’t attend our regular meetings, this retreat will be a great opportunity to learn more about our Partnership in a single afternoon. The retreat will conclude with a light meal.

The Women of Peace and a local Girl Scout Troop invite you to bring Canned Goods to church for the next 2 Sundays to support a Food Drive for hungry families in our County.

Our thanks to Ed Baker and Ed Rethers for constructing our Tent of Revealings again for our Lenten Season.

As the Danville Weekly said:  Valentine’s Day Jazz at Peace with Kat Parra’s Quartet and a Wine and Chocolate Tasting Reception was definitely a Hot Pick for the weekend! Our thanks to Gil and Bobbi Jardine and Susanna El Mogazi for presenting such a fine occasion. Kat’s songs made our hearts melt with love and contentment.

As the Epiphany Light gives way to the Lenten Mystery…and we move toward Jerusalem…may the revealed-concealed healing of the Cross be our guide.