Good News, 02.26.2013


“Humility is true self-knowledge.  God is your being, and who you are…you are in God. True self-knowledge cannot end in the mere awareness of our faults and failings.  True self-knowledge opens onto God.  Perfect humility is meeting/receiving/enjoying the unfathomable love of God, who is the ground of our being.”          (The Cloud of Unknowing)

“By waiting and by calm you shall be saved,  in quiet and in trust your strength lies”
 ( Isaiah 30:15)

Soup and Sacrament continues this Wednesday with Gratefulness: The Heart of Prayer – the means and ways for nurturing prayer in our lives.  Plus you get some of the finest soups on the planet.  Join in at 6:30 pm.

Don Smith has died. His final weeks were with his daughter Jeanie in Arizona.  Don’s Memorial Service will be this Saturday at 4:00 pm at Peace.  All are invited.  If you wish to assist with a small reception afterwards, please let me know.  For all the saints – to God be the glory.

We get to celebrate the Baptism of Abigail Young this Sunday.  Her family is coming from across the country….at least as far as Boston!  Come prepared to praise and bless!

The Forum this Sunday will be lead by Martha Mantei and fellow volunteer from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Shirley Kaminsky.   Their presentation is entitled:  Bringing Mental Illness and Suicide “Out of the Darkness”:  Hopeful Information about Treatment and Healing.  Please encourage others in the congregation to attend with you.  This is an excellent opportunity for honest insights from lived experiences and for learning how to turn these losses into experiences of hope.

Time to join the Lenten/Easter Choir, isn’t it!!  Gary invites all the singers at Peace to join him after worship these next Sundays for the beauty and joy of it all.

 If you cannot sing….your other Talents are still Needed:  Counters of our Offering, Bread Bakers – (we have a new one), Ushers and Sound Board operators.  Training is available for each of these duties.  Contact Deacon Jeanie Locklear or the church office if you can assist.  (Imagine what it would be like to have no Bread, no bread, no one to lead and no sound!) 

Yes, it is true that recent studies have concluded that Europeans live with 40% less stress than Americans because they have health care for all their people.  Even more ironic,  through the Marshall Plan following WWII, the US mandated that the ‘enemy nations’ of Germany and Japan provide universal health care coverage to all their citizens.   What a punishment.

World Day of Prayer:  Church Women United – Beginning in the late 1800s, women from various denominations came together to pray for unity and various missions among them.  Today people in 170 countries gather for “informed prayer and prayerful action”.  You are invited to participate this Friday, March 1 at Lafayette United Methodist Church, 955 Moraga Road in Lafayette.   9:30 for coffee and prayer from 10 – 11 am.  Rev. Deborah Lee will speak about her work with the Interfaith Immigrant Rights Project.  Everyone is welcome.  Speak with Lois McGee for details. 

Keep in your prayers:  the Smith Family, Shepanek family, Melinda Howard, Jonathan and Miki, friends with cancers/Alzheimer’s/Parkinsons, the Catechumens, Youth Group, those searching for homes – physical and spiritual.

We had a wonderful Connections Forum this past Sunday.  Regarding outreach those present discussed the intimidation factors and the difficulties of speaking from grace.  And new insights were discovered that brought energy and laughter to the group.  More to come.  You will be seeing some of the fruits of these labors on Sunday.  If you are drawn to serve with the Connections Committee, please speak with Deacon Dabbie Bowron.

The Time Change occurs on March 10 – Spring Ahead!

The Jazz Church West presents pianist Dan Zemelman this Sunday at 5:00 pm.  He brings with him:  Christian Tamburr, Vibes – who has played with Cirque De Soleil;  Mads Tolling, Violin – a 2 time Grammy Winner who has been featured on NPR and performed with Chick Corea and Ramsey Lewis;  and Rose Armin-Hoiland, Vocalist – an up and coming singer with a delightfully powerful voice.  If you have too much joy in your life you had best avoid jazz!

Lenten Wisdom and Blessings,  Pr. Steve