Good News, 02.16.12


7 Ways to help Small and Tall People Grow: Make time for prayer and pray the Lord’s Prayer; Learn to forgive and be forgiven; Celebrate the Eucharist often; Treat all people with dignity;  Help the poor and work for justice;  Love and care for your family; Learn about our faith in Sunday School and Adult Education.

Small and Tall Worship – What a joy we shared last Sunday.  Thanks to Kaelyn and Megan for their prayers, to Sloan for being born and baptized, to Marko for the Gospel, to Revs. Margareta and Anita for Children’s Time and prayers, and to Gary for the happy music.

Transfiguration – the conclusion of Epiphany and the preparation for Lent will be celebrated this Sunday.  Our Art and Spirituality team and members of the Youth Group have prepared a unique Mask Making and design project for our Lenten and Easter Seasons.  It will be an artistic means for engaging the whole congregation in our exploration of the Pascal Mystery.  You can anticipate moments of wonder and intrigue as we journey to and through the Cross into Easter.

Mudzunga and Ndamu Farisani will hopefully be with us this Sunday.  Mudzunga will lead our Adult Education time at 11:10.

US Economic Crisis:  Facts, Fallacies and Fixes with Mark Miller – this Sunday at 4:00 pm at Peace.We have met the enemy and he is us.” What have we and what can we learn from our current crisis?  Affixing blame and ideological solutions have not worked.  We need the capacity to critique ourselves (the Achilles heel of great nations) and the willingness to engage fresh perspectives if we are to learn anything from this and grow into a wiser,  more just society.  Our own Mark Miller has the experience and competence to provide us with key insights.  This Presentation has been publicized with our I-SRV (Interfaith) Community.  Feel free to invite others to join you.

Ash Wednesday is February 22.  Our worship will be at 7:30 pm.  Our Lenten Soup and Sacrament Series will focus on Exodus:  Liberating Identity of Israel and Christianity. It will be led by our own intrepid Dr. Phil Stanley!  You will not want to miss this Wednesday evening series! Join us for a simple and delicious meal, enriching scholarship and informal communion.  6:30 – 8:15 starting on Leap Year Day, February 29.

It’s coming!   Our annual Crab Feast and Silent Auction is happening on Saturday, March 3 at 5:00 pm.  Julie and Robert Arnone will coordinate it once again.  You know how good it is.  Spread the word.  You can Sign Up on Sunday or through the Church Office.  If you are willing to assist Julie and Robert that is appreciated too!

Understanding Baha’i: Adult Education Forum: Three Sessions: 6:00 – 7:30 PM, February 26th, March 4th & March 11th at Peace Lutheran Church.

The Baha’i Community is a close partner of the Peace Lutheran community. Baha’i is an inclusive system of beliefs that incorporates many of the great teachings of the world’s religions. In part it represents a belief in the necessity of establishing a universal system of justice that creates a unified spiritual fellowship of the entire world’s people… embracing cultural diversity in the worship of God. For their universal, peaceful belief the Baha’i have suffered greatly. In Iran Baha’is are denied the right to education and seven of the Community’s most respected leaders are imprisoned indefinitely without trial and tortured regularly.

Please join Education Deacon Gil Jardine and Chris Palmer a member of the East Bay Baha’i Assembly in this vital and contemporary study.

Session 1: Historical Context of Baha’i

Session 2: The Teachings of the Baha’i Faith

Session 3: The Influence of Baha’i

Keep in your prayers: Joe, Kersti, Joseph, Lisa, Rick, the unemployed, those without health care for their families, the people of Syria, Yemen and Bahrain.

A Thank You from Anita:

Dear Peace Friends, my goal for the past few weeks has been to reach 10,000 dollars raised for the ALS Association from between Valentines 2011 when I began Sweet Hope Cookies and this Valentines Day. On Sunday morning I had raised all but the last 1000.00 dollars but by Sunday afternoon when I went home to tally up the money from the cookies you bought after worship, I discovered with incredible excitement and gratitude that the grand total raised was 1004.00 dollars!

Since the first days of my brother’s illness your compassionate and enthusiastic support has been an indescribable source of comfort for me. I know how much it meant to Randy to know that people who had never met him were asking about him and praying for him, and that you continue to support my endeavors with Sweet Hope Cookies continues to be a living expression of your care and commitment to others living with ALS. For those who have wondered, I will be continuing in my commitment in raising funds and spreading awareness of ALS through Sweet Hope Cookies,  so when your sweet tooth gets the best of you, don’t forget, I’m only a phone call away.

Keep practicing our Abba/Imma Chi Prayer.   The link is:

The Jazz Church West with the Marcus Shelby Trio and vocalist Kenny Washington was incredible….a very sweet Valentine’s gift!  118 people showed up for an exciting night of music which was simply transcendent.  People told me they thought the sound was better in our sanctuary than at Yoshi’s Jazz Club.  High praise…and we are blessed.

Blessings,  Pr. Steve