Good News, 02.06.2013


 “The ego seeks its desires in words and actions.  The soul rests and awakens in the stillness of the Presence.”

Our thanks to the Partnership Committee for last Sunday’s worship.  These are Calvin Neswiswi’s 5 Points for Strengthening and Sustaining a Healthy Partnership [Calvin is the chair of the Lwamondo Parish Partnership Committee]:

1) Regular communication of information;
2) Exchange of Projects and Human Resources; 
3) Regular delegation visits; 
4) Exchange of prayer concerns;
5) Exchange of homilies.

Lwamondo Parish intends to send us a Delegation in 2014.  We are hoping to send a delegation to Laurel Galan this year in 2013.  Thanks to Ceil and Arlene for the beautiful variety of African and Guatamalan cloths.  And to Seminarian John Brett for preaching.  Wasn’t the music fun!

Meanwhile in Lwamondo they celebrated our Partnership at Dzwerani Congregation where Rev. Zwo Nevhutalu preached on Partnership.  On February 15 – 17 the church leaders of all the Ministry Leagues will be meeting for Strategic Planning.  They send greetings and gratitude for our Partnership!

Worship promises to be a special celebration this Sunday when the Dixie Dykes (the horn section of the SF Gay and Lesbian Band) join us on the last Sunday before Lent.  Playful, zany, contemplative – all the appropriate emotions and insights will be experienced.  Please honor these guests (coming from San Francisco!) with your presence!

And they are playing for our Mardi Gras Party at 5:00 pm in the afternoon.  This will be a Potluck Meal (Cajun food encouraged – or bring what you like to eat!) –  a time to relax with friends, delicious food and great music.  There will be dancing space too.  The Connections Team asks you to invite friends to join you for worship, the Party or both!  (Those who wish to assist with set up and clean up afterwards will earn extra points in heaven.)

Our Annual Meeting will be this Sunday following our worship.  Please read in advance the Annual Report that you have received.

We are beginning worship now at 9:25 with the sounding of the Singing Bowl, a few moments of stillness and then prelude as an Invitation to Prayer and to prepare for worship.  We human beings need time to transition, to make ourselves ‘available’ for what is about to happen, and to focus on ‘what we might become’ as we enter the sacred threshold.  We are always in the presence of God but usually we are not aware of it.  Worship deserves special attention.  As the opening quote today implies:  we come to Life by resting, opening ourselves to the Mystery of Grace, and by listening for the Presence.  Liturgy is the work and prayer of the people and it is “the shimmering of eternity in time and space”.    Of course greetings and conversations can continue in the Gathering Hall as people arrive.

Sunday Salon:  Our Book Study of Dietrich Bonhoeffer:  Pastor, Prophet, Martyr, Spy will begin this Sunday, Feb. 10 at 3:00 pm at Peace.  Copies of the book have arrived and are in the Church Office.  If you can stop by to pick one up that would be helpful.  We will meet twice a month in member’s homes during February, March and April.  All are welcomed to participate reading and reflecting on this fascinating story of faith in our times.

February 17:   The Worship and Partnership Committees will meet during the Adult Forum time for organizing and review.  The Worship Teams will meet in the Sanctuary where the various subgroups can converse for 20 minutes with a gathering of the whole in conclusion.  The Partnership Committee will meet in the Gathering Hall. 

Catechumens —Friday at 4:00 pm  
Youth Group —Saturday 1 -3 pm (2nd Saturdays and 4th Fridays)
Sunday Salon — 3:00 pm
Mardi Gras Party —Sunday at 5:00 pm
Ash Wednesday service —Wednesday (Feb. 13) at 7:30 pm

 Have you ever heard  Ella Fitzgerald sing?  Her spiritual godson Kenny Washington will be singing for Jazz at Peace on February 17 at 5:00 pm.  Don’t miss this.

Keep in your prayers:  Nancy, Melinda, Jonathan and Miki, Don Smith, our Youth, Parker, Annie, the Catechumens, for an awareness of the racism within and around us.

 Our South African friends requested these prayers:  for the unemployed, those with chronic diseases like blood pressure and diabetes; HIV/AIDS; the victims and perpetrators of crime; for their system of Education.

 The Theme for our Soup and Sacrament Series this year – which begins on Wednesday, February 20 at 6:30 is “Gratefulness the Heart of Prayer:  Skillful Means for Nurturing Prayer”.  We will discuss and experience various forms of prayer for attuning us to God’s Presence.  Commentary from Dietrich Bonhoeffer will also be utilized.

 If you need to purchase a spiritual vacuum cleaner please speak with Pr. Margareta.

Transfiguration Blessings,  Pr. Steve