Good News, 01.27.2011

Pastor Steve’s homily from this past Sunday, January 23, is now available online for your listening and soul’s pleasure. You may listen or download the this and past sermons by going to the audio sermons online section.



It is necessary to work patiently with others all the time.  This is what I do with my friends and co-workers:  I never give up on them.  No matter what problems they face I still say the same thing – just keep going.  If you have patience with people they slowly change.  You do have an effect on them if you are radiating your sanity.  They will begin to take notice, although of course, often people don’t want to let anyone else know.  They might even say, ‘Nothing has changed,  I still have the same problems going on all the time.’ But don’t give up on them anyway. – Chogyam Trungpa

Bible 365 is off to a great start!  22 people attended the initial session and several more promising to join in next week.  The class begins at 11:30 on Sundays (listen for the bell) and will meet in the Art Room.  This is a rare and splendid opportunity to immerse yourself in the Scriptures.  Each week’s readings will be posted in the bulletin.

The Sunday Salon will meet this Sunday, January 30th from 4 – 6 pm at Jeanie Locklear’s home.  The focus for Sunday is:  “What does faith have to do with my life?”  This is an opportunity for small group reflection about the intersection of faith and our lives.  All are welcome to join us.  Directions are available after worship on Sunday.

The next Small and Tall Family Service will be on February 6.  Please bring all your children and grandchildren to this joyful service of encouragement for the young ones!

Spiritual Grounding: The Greening Committee invites you on Monday, February 7th at 6:30 pm at Peace –to join a community meeting of Interfaith Partners and Farmers from Sunol will share an organic dinner and conversation about creating a CSA (Community Sustained Agricultural) Project.  Rebecca Calahan Klein will be our guest speaker.  This is already stirring enthusiasm among several of the interfaith congregations.  Your RSVP to the church office is necessary.

Keep in your prayers: Fred Garrity (who broke his clavicle), Rosalie, Marianna, Kersti Malvre, Randy and DeeAnn/Anita and Dana, Ki Altemus, Sheila Mason, Ruth (Pr. Margareta’s mother), Heather (McPherson) and Dixon – soon to give birth to their second child,  Fidel Taylor – recovering from surgery, Wendy, Robert and Jada Jones, Dave and Wara Alexander, Matthew Pontious, the people Haiti, Tunisia, Egypt.

The California Association of Professional Music Teachers (CAPMT) – of which Sue Fields is President – had an incredible 8 Recitals at Peace this past Saturday.  In all, about 220 students performed throughout the day in Eight Recitals and over a 1,000 guests passed through the doors of Peace to enjoy these wonderful emerging artists.  A unique gift was given by 5 Chinese American students who played 5 marimbas as they performed Bach’s Toccata & Fugue in D minor – amazing.   A letter of thanks from CAPMT for the hospitality of Peace has been posted on our Kiosk.  Our thanks to Sue for organizing and hosting this delightful event.
Encouraging News:  A few weeks ago after a bomb exploded at a Christian Coptic Church in Egypt thousands of Muslims offered their bodies as “human shields” for the evening Mass, making a pledge to collectively fight the threat of Islamic militants and towards an Egypt free from sectarian strife.  “We either live together or we die together”, they chanted.  “This is not about us and them,” said Dalia Mustafa, a student who attended mass at Virgin Mary Church on Maraashly Street. “We are one. This was an attack on Egypt as a whole, and I am standing with the Coptic Christians because the only way things will change in this country is if we come together.”   There is hope!

Two weeks ago “our own” Cindy Carroll met with her Candidacy Committee and was approved for ordained ministry in the ELCA. Cindy has been a member of Peace in the past and did some of her seminary training work with us at Peace.  Congratulations, Cindy!  We will be sure to celebrate with her when the appropriate day arrives!

Clairdee performs for at the Jazz Church West on February 13.  It will be a Valentine’s Celebration.  You will get to hear her sing “Jazz Vespers” which she composed for our Jazz at Peace CD.

Epiphany Blessings,  Pr. Steve


To view a few photos from the recent Mask Making and Totem Animal Workshop with Kaleo and Elise Ching, please click here to visit the online photo album.