Good News, 01.13.2010


“Arise, shine your light has come.”

Keep in your prayers: Ki Altemus,  Randy and DeeAnn, Rosalie (who will have surgery on Friday), Ruth, Edith, Bob, Sheila, Lisa, Fidel Taylor, Kersti, Liu Xiaobo and all political prisoners, those seeking employment, the community of Tucson, members of the Youth Group and Confirmation Class, and the Bible 365 Class.

Katherine Beeler with the assistance of 5 Teens has launched our Peace High School Youth Group.  They will be meeting every other Sunday.  Details about future events, connections, journeys will be published in a timely manner.

The second Kids Night In/Parents Night Out was hosted at Peace by our own Jeanne and Peter Kaplan.  What fun for the kids and what joy and relaxation for the parents of our Middle Schoolers.  These gatherings will normally take place on a monthly basis.

Grace Cavallaro sends an invite:

The National Charity League is a unique charitable organization for mothers and their daughters in grades 7 through 12. New members are admitted up to grade 9, as space is available. Grace would be glad to serve as an application sponsor and provide more information as needed.  The mission of the NCL is to foster the mother-daughter relationship in a philanthropic organization committed to community service, leadership development and cultural experiences. Grace and Elisabeth had many great experiences while being members until Elisabeth’s graduation.  For more information:

Our next Family Service with special attention on the younger ones will be on February 6.  It will be a service of pure joy!

It’s almost here…the Bible 365 Class with Pr. Elizabeth Chandler Felts begins after worship on January 23rd.   Don’t miss out!

Spiritual Grounding:  On Monday, February 7 at 6:30 Peace will host a dinner for representatives from several interfaith congregations and farmers from the Sunol area to discuss creating a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) project.  The Greening Committee invites interested members of Peace to join them for an Organic Meal (provided by the farmers) and a conversation with Rebecca Calahan Klein about the opportunities for honoring health, farmers and the earth through Spiritual Grounding.  RSVP to the office.

Martha Mantei asks you to join her in supporting AFSP (American Foundation for the Prevention of Suicide):  AFPS would not function if not for the efforts of its volunteers. This is truly an organization that was created and managed by people who want to make a difference in the way we all look at suicide and mental health.   We’d like the opportunity to show you how you can help AFSP grow and help us take our events and message to the next level. We’re ramping up our volunteer efforts in the coming year and we’d love to have more hands involved! Come join us on Wednesday, January 19, 2011 at the University of Phoenix in Oakland to find out how you can contribute your talents to AFSP!

The Lectors had another fine training session this past Sunday.  Creative contributions will continue to emerge through this ministry.  If you would like to join the Lector Group please speak with Libby Flynn or myself.

Sunday Salon: On a monthly basis members of Peace will gather for reflections/conversations on Spiritual Themes in a small group setting.  The next one will be on Sunday, January 30th from 4 – 6 pm at Jeanie Locklear’s home.  You are invited.

From the Interfaith Council:

Our modern world occupies both sides of the divide between sectarian hatreds and mutual appreciation.  We struggle with the pre-diluvian situation of “all against all.”  And we are also familiar with the temporary solution of “all against one.”  What is aching to emerge within the cosmos, and which we pray must be involved in any concept of Intelligent Design or evolution or God’s will, is an era of “all for all.”

When incidents such as the church killings in Ethiopia or murders in Tucson occur, we must not revert to accusations or suspicion, but keep moving toward reconciliation and trust, else we become hostage to the most violent among us.  We must also be careful about our own language, and be honest about our own fears.  And we must not be delinquent about meeting with one another, or listening to each other’s perspectives.  For some of us, that might mean changing our television station or news source every once in a while.  Not a bad resolution for the new year.  Rev. Brian Stein-Webber

The Mask Making and Totem Animal Workshop with Kaleo and Elise Ching is quite amazing.  They are so well organized, grounded in their leadership, and creative with their artistic and poetic resources.  The Archives Committee is providing Current History Images (this Sunday from the Mask Making Workshop) during the Hospitality Hour.  Look for the looping lap top near all the good food.  Hopefully Elise and Kaleo will be able to offer us this workshop again in the future!

The Gerry Grosz Jazz Kitchen was utterly amazing.   Such creative compositions (two of them premiered for the first time for Jazz at Peace)!  In such a tough world we need the healing wisdom and flowing music of these Jazz Church West evenings.

The Wise Ones became wise because they were willing to re-Orient themselves toward surprise, the unexpected Mystery and God.  Please do the same.

Epiphany Blessings, Pr. Steve