Good News, 01.12.2012


Work and play are opposites but leisure is the spirit in which we are invited to live our lives.  The Chinese characters for Leisure are:  Open Space and Sunshine.  The Chinese characters for Busy are:  Heart and Killing.  Leisure is the essential ingredient which gracefully holds the demands and the joys of all our days. (Brother David Stendl-Rast)

Thanks to the Peace Council, Bev and all who could attend the Open House for such a relaxed and spirited day.  Always good to simply be together.

Bible 365 with Pr. Elizabeth concludes on January 22.  Join in these last wonderful classes!  She will be preaching on the 22 too.

The Bahá’í Community of Danville would like to thank the Peace Lutheran Church community for their hospitality, love & support during the Interfaith Thanksgiving services.  We hope that we can continue to work & grow together in the future.  In service to humanity, Local Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of Danville.

Shelter, Inc. would also like to extend their thanks for the 2nd Special Christmas Gifting to homeless families.  Quite a generous response and the families are delighted.

Here is the link for you to use in learning the Abba/Imma Chi Prayer we experienced this last Sunday.  We will soon create a 2nd video that includes the meaning of the series movements.  You are invited to ground yourself and pray/practice this Lord’s Prayer three times each day.  Outdoors in the yard, by the garden, among the trees will add lovely dimensions too.  If you practice this prayer for the next 30 days (through the Epiphany Season to Transfiguration), you will enjoy a shift in attitude and energy.  Our thanks to Elise and Kaleo for creating the prayer and Seminarian Brenda Bos for this video.

Congratulations to Kelly and Alan Krock on the birth of Aden!

Gratitude for your strong response to the Hospitality Sign Up request.   Martha Mantei has agreed to take over the reins from Anita as the  Coordinator.  Many thanks, Anita, for making Hospitality such a tasty and connecting joy on Sunday mornings.

Zen (like the Gospel) describes itself as a mosquito sitting on an Iron Bull… it is utterly insignificant…but if its ‘spiritual bite’ ever gets through – everything changes for the bull!

Blessed Epiphany – pray for wisdom,  Pr. Steve