Good News, 01.07.2011

Epiphany – the Journey of the Wise Ones: A time for new light, new connections and new awakenings. As Psalm 19 reveals, “The heavens declare the glory of God, the vault of heaven proclaims God’s handiwork…No utterance at all, no speech, no sound that anyone can hear – yet the glorious, still voice goes out through all the earth, and the message to the ends of the world.”

Bible 365

As children, many of us learned the “greatest hits” Bible stories like Adam and Eve, David and Goliath, the miracles of Jesus and the 23rd Psalm. As adults, we listen to the reading of scripture every Sunday and absorb as much as we can. But very few of us have actually read the Bible cover to cover. Incredible as it may seem, we are basing our Christian faith on a book we have never read.

Beginning Sunday, January 23rd, Pastor Elizabeth Felts will offer a weekly class for adults, after worship. Those courageous enough to join her will covenant together to read the Bible at home every day. We will follow a reading plan that will take us through the entire Bible, from start to finish, in one calendar year (about 20 minutes of reading each day). Each Sunday during that year, we will gather as a class to lift up highlights, examine important concepts in depth and get up to speed on the authorship and historical setting of each book of the Bible.

This is not a traditional Bible study, the kind where one dwells preciously on individual passages and their significance for one’s life. This is a rapid-fire, take-no-prisoners Bible boot camp for the intrepid, the stubborn and those determined to be rid of their questions. Even if reading the entire Bible is just an item on your bucket list, it’s high time you checked it off. At the end, you will feel a sense of accomplishment unlike anything else.

Will you take the challenge? Bring whatever Bible you have, and let’s get started. Friends and neighbors are welcome. For more information, contact Elizabeth at [email protected].

Please keep in your prayers: Ki Altemus, Ruth (Pr. Margareta’s mom), Layla (Parisa’s daughter), Matthew Pontious, Sheila, Kersti Malvre, Randy and DeeAnn, Milt and Judy.

Thanks to our Mother/Sister in the Faith Gen Estenson who received $8,000 in “discarded food” from Trader Joe’s (during the holiday break) and was able to distribute all of it through the Contra Costa County Food Bank!

Drama at Peace Update:
Looking for more actors, writers and enthusiasts to participate in Peace’s Drama Troupe! In February-May we will hopefully be preparing two more plays to present in worship, BUT we need to recruit some more actors first to make this possible (especially guys)! We rehearse Wednesday nights from 7-9PM, and you are free to choose if you’d like to try one or both plays this spring. In addition, if enough people are interested, 6:30-7PM will be an optional time for a writers workshop. This time will be used to develop our own play to present in May or June. The writing will need to be done outside of the group, but we will gather to share ideas and develop the play. If you are interested in acting or writing, please email or call me (419-234-0589) by January 16. Also let me know if you have any questions or reservations. The first cast did such a wonderful job and I know we have more talented folks out there. Peace and Blessings, Emily

Katherine Beeler is starting a Youth Group for High Schoolers at Peace this Sunday. All teens at Peace and their friends are invited to join in!

The Women of Peace will meet next Wednesday, January 12 from 10 – 12. Join in the circle of friends, conversation, occasional projects and good coffee.

The Mask Making and Dream Workshop happens the next two Saturdays with Kaleo and Elise Ching. You can still sign up. It’s a perfect Epiphany Exploration.

Jazz at Peace welcome the Gerry Grosz Jazz Kitchen this Sunday at 5 pm. The Jazz Church West encourages you to invite friends who will appreciate extraordinary improvisations on the vibes and piano with Gerry’s delightful quartet.

Epiphanic Blessings, Pr. Steve