Good News, 05.27.10


God, come with the wind of your Holy Spirit and stir up all your people throughout the world.
Protect us from the sin of limiting You, diminishing you and making you small.
Help we who pray – to make sure we devote our attention to what really unites your humanity…and not squander our faith on differences and divisions.
Teach us to respect and honor all spiritual expressions of what is truly Uncontainable!
May your Holy Spirit constantly urge us to work for justice, equality and dignity of every human being.
Give us courage to protest and protect people who are demeaned, degraded and despised.
God, you are always Larger than our imaginations; you are so far beyond our interpretations of you; your compassion is endlessly vast.
Wake us up to consider all we have been given; lead us deeper into your love and the secret of reconciliation. –Pentecost Prayer

We celebrate Trinity Sunday this Memorial Weekend – the Mystery of the God who is Love, whose compassion has become real in flesh and blood that we might become real, alive sons and daughters of God. Destiny Muhammed and Tarika of Nubian Strings will join us for worship and contribute their unique harp and violin gifts.

This note from Pr. Anita :

This will also be our last week of Children’s Sunday School until the fall. Following worship the children will be hosting a very special hospitality hour so please plan to stay for a few minutes to enjoy homemade ice cream sandwich cookies, and special treats made by the children. Parents, please bring your children to the church kitchen this Sunday at 9:00 a.m. with their hands washed, ready to begin their morning role as hospitality hosts and caterers!

For those whose children have participated in Sunday School over the Spring I’ll be sending out a questionnaire soon that I’d ask you to return which will help us in preparing for the fall. I would also like to schedule an after church meeting sometime soon for us to look at how we might make Sunday School the best experience possible and how we to get more children in our church and in our community involved.

Our Pentecost worship was alight with fire thanks to the Godfriends, the flame of the 13th candle from the Council for Mary Magdalene, lectors with a dozen languages from all over the world, the energy of our children, the duets of Richard and Sue, the Blessing of the Catechumens – Jeanie, Libby, Susanna and Gil, the sound of chimes and the presence of a still, small voice. “What do you love?”

Our Bocce Ball Picnic was a joyful and relaxed afternoon together. Over 60 people came to enjoy a great BBQ, abundant conversation, our children, napping and bocce ball. Our thanks to Deacons Christine Johansson and Everett Sylwanowicz for organizing this beautiful day….even the weather cooperated and couldn’t have been more lovely.

Annie Haines sends greetings to all of her friends. Her physical therapist is stunned by how rapidly her recovery from knee surgery is progressing. She assured him she is surrounded by a community of constant prayer. Don’t stop!

Please keep in your prayers: Joyce, Curt, Elizabeth and Abigail on the death of Charley, Randy and DeeAnn, Pat, Richard, Ed, Taylor, Sheila, Micky, Jonathan, and Jules (Sue’s daughter) who is soon to give birth.

Our St. Francis Animal Blessing and Pet Festival is October 3. Tom Grossman invites all who are willing to serve on the Committee to meet with him after worship on June 13.

Can you believe it? One year ago this week Kista Choir from Stockholm sang at Peace, New Folsom Prison and at San Quentin. Tempus fugit – time flies. Keep Spoon Jackson, the incarcerated and innocent prisoners in your prayers.

“There is no excuse for not taking delight in something. Each of us is called to breathe life into matter. We have been given the Spirit to breathe life and love and liberation into all creation.” Richard Caemmerer

Blessings, Pr. Steve