Good News, 05.15.2009


A person has no alternative but to respond to the real setting in which one finds oneself, with a result that one’s prayer is necessarily fabricated from the various inner and outward components of one’s life.  Prayer grows out of life.  It is not in an isolated department of life; it is the realization of the God-ward potential inherent in every life. (Michael Casey)

Please spread the word about our Jarva Roster Interfaith Concert on May 24 at 4:30.  Honor these guests, their voices and creativity with your presence.  And enjoy them within our Sunday morning worship also!  If you want an electronic copy of the promotional flier, please contact the church office. (Anybody care to host a luncheon for 7 choir members on the 24th?  Contact me.)

Mother’s Day Celebration couldn’t have been any sweeter:  Jasper El Mogazi was present with us for the first time, a lullaby from Gun Johnston honoring her new grandson Leif was very moving, hearing the voices of so many sharing what “Mama Says” went straight to the heart.  And, of course, the Eucharist.  Lyusya Griesbach promised me she’ll sing a Russian lullaby for us soon.

Jazz at Peace was much fun with Gerry O’Grosz giving us an Irish slant for Mother’s Day.

Please read the flier about our Friday After: Keeping the Faith worship event.  While it is difficult to make arrangements because of several variables, I think our Clergy Team has prepared us well.  Please invite anyone who will need comfort, hope or healing that day.

Blessings,  Pr. Steve