Pastor’s Blog/Grace Waves 06.03.20

Council Members are reaching out by phone to our whole congregation.  Please call them back if they miss you!

Keep in our prayers:  Bobby who died unexpectedly, his family and sister-in-law Lori Garcia, the family of Josianne Meynier who died on Tuesday; the family of George Floyd; Elise, Don, Roger, Dana, Jean, Winnie, Ed, Bob, Betty, Marshall, Stanley, Heather, and Denise; — the people of Tiannamen Square killed on June 4, 1989 and the people of Hong Kong struggling for democracy; 

Peace has become a Staging Center for local neighborhood drive through Birthday and Anniversary Celebrations! 

Our Sanctuary Platforms were stripped, cleaned and sealed this week. They are beautiful and await our return to Sanctuary worship!

Our Justice Advocacy council rep, Sara Bretthauer, is working together with St. Timothy’s Episcopal on coordinating bi-weekly food drives benefitting Monument Crisis Center. Stay tuned for more on how we can support this much needed ministry!

Our deep gratitude for your continued financial support of Peace!

Trinity Blessing, Pr. Steve

1 thought on “Pastor’s Blog/Grace Waves 06.03.20

  1. Marilyn and I are sorry we missed your call. We appreciate your iknterest and always enjoy talking with you. I have started to put my view done. This is related to what I was going to to talk about after church.
    I hesitate to show you theses notes because I do not stick to Lutheran doctrine. However, other than that I would appreciated your input.
    Anyway we wish you and the congregation the the best and loojk forward to going to church againsin the future.

    Roger and Marilyn

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