Pastor’s Blog/Grace Waves 02.26.2020


“God is that person pushing the shopping cart and going through your garbage. Sometimes we don’t want him to go through our garbage, but he tells us that he wants to. That’s how it is, I think.
God holds our garbage and recycles it into love.” (One of the homies working with Fr. Boyle in LA)

Ash Wednesday Service this evening begins at 7:00 pm. The Season of Lent begins.

Our Forum this Sunday will share 2 Videos: “What’s happening to Children and Immigrants on our Border” and highlights from the “Children’s Concert”.

The Mardi Gras Celebration was an evening of joy and relaxation. Gratitude for a tasty evening – thanks Ken – and a community with good taste!

The Compassionate Storytelling Workshop with Maggid Jim Brule is this Saturday from 9 – 3. Jim is travelling all the way from Syracuse, New York to share with us the delights and significance of storytelling. A rare and blessed opportunity to deepen our appreciation of life with our interfaith friends and School District faculty and administrators. We are here to build bridges not walls and you are needed!

Our next New Member Dinner is on Saturday, March 14 from 4:30 – 6:00 pm. We are grateful for the new friends joining Peace these days.

The Disaster Preparedness Committee reminds you that March 4 is the deadline for ordering Water Canisters and fire extinguishers. The website is: We will organize a pick up for Peace Members on March 13 and/or 14.

Our Heart of the Matter/Hearts on the Border Concert was moving. Hope was actually stirred in our hearts. Interplay Performers, The Orpheus Ensemble – Bruce Silverman and Renee Benmeleh, Amar and Sahib-Amar, Robert Hamaker, Soyinka, Dr. Ellen and Gary, and Rev. Deborah Lee of the Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity gave us profound experiences of grace. And Thais’ new art work reminds us the Children dare not be Forgotten! “Be A Rainbow in Somebody Else’s Cloud”   ~  Maya Angelou

Keep in your prayers: Bob Mantei, Jose, Betty Watson, Coco, The Children separated from their parents on our border, for Spiritual Nurture and Wisdom this Lenten Season.

The Jazz Church West welcomes the Kristen Strom Quartet this Sunday, March 1st,  at 5 pm. Come and experience why jazz is returning to the sanctuaries!

Friday Films!  Friday, Feb 28th ~ 6:30p:  Join us for Kenny’s roast chicken dinner at

6:30 and at 7:30 “RBG” (2018). This illuminating documentary looks at the life of trailblazer Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg — including her career-defining work in gender-discrimination law — and charts her journey to becoming a justice on America’s highest court. Run time 97 min.; rated PG, parental guidance suggested. Some material may not be suitable for children.

Super Tuesday Voting at Peace, March 3rd!
REMEMBER TO VOTE!! A reminder to set aside a bit of time next week, SuperTuesday, March 3rd, to vote!! Polling locations will be open 7:00a – 8:00p Not registered? You can register and vote same day using CONDITIONAL VOTER REGISTRATION: through Election Day you can still register and vote in person. It is a one-stop opportunity to register and cast your ballot; available at the Contra Costa County elections office, Regional Early Voting sites, and all polling places on Election Day. AND, if voting in person on March 3rd is not an option there are several Regional Early Voting locations available to vote early. Additionally, remember you can drop your completed ballot at ANY polling location (work in SF?, drop your ballot in SF!) See you at the voting booths!
RESOURCES: one stop page with all the tools you need, including links to check your voter registration status, the Voter Information Guide, the Voter Bill of Rights, and more.
• Early Voting Locations:
• Voting by Mail:
• Voting for U.S President:
• Find Your Polling Place or Vote Center on Election Day Peace is a Polling Precinct next Tuesday. Here are details you may want to know:

Lenten blessings,
Pr. Steve

Pastor’s Blog / Grace Waves 02.21.2020


TOMORROW, Sat Feb 22:  4:00p  Fat Tuesday on Saturday!  join us for another wonderful fellowship meal prepared by our own Chef Ken!



Sunday, Feb 23:  5:00p ~ Heart of the Matter concert benefitting Al Otro Lado (social justice services).

Pick up your Contribution Stmts this Sunday! Remaining statements will be mailed during the week.

Ash Wednesday Service: Wednesday Feb 26th, 7:00p

REMINDER: March 4th is the deadline date for ordering water canisters and fire extinguishers. The website is All orders need to be collected in Moraga on either March 13th or 14th.

Friday Films: Friday, February 28th ~ 6:30p Dinner followed by film RBG at 7:30p. Illuminating documentary looking at the life of trailblazer Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Jazz Church West: Sunday, March 1 ~ 5:00p with Kristen Strom!

Peace will be a voting location on Tuesday, March 3… Gathering hall unavailable 6:00am — 8:00pm.

Save the Date:
2/29 – Compassionate Storytelling Workshop
3/14 – New Member Dinner

Pastor’s Blog / Grace Waves Feb 14, 2020


“What does G_d want? Cease perverting justice and set the oppressed free. Then your light will blaze like the dawn and your wounds will be quickly healed.” Isaiah 58

Contribution Statements:  Will be available for pick up this Sunday, Feb 19th.  If you aren’t able to make it on Sunday statements will be in the mail on Tuesday.

Mardi Gras Party – Saturday, February 22 at 4:00 pm: 30 People have already signed up! Won’t you please join in this festive evening? Ken is cooking. Masks are optional but welcomed.



Prayers from the Early Communion Class Children:  Lord Jesus I pray for Dot, my fish who died / for those who need more friends and help and fun / for my grandma who is having trouble walking / for my friend who is sad.

Heart of the Matter Fundraising Concert – Sunday Feb 23, 5:00p.  Our hearts are broken! We face a humanitarian crisis: Children held in subhuman conditions, living in filth, devoid of comfort, longing to be reunited with their families. Featuring: Orpheus Community Drumming Ensemble—Bruce Silverman, Renee Benmeleh; Body Wisdom Improvisation—Cynthia Winton Henry; 
Jeanie Locklear & Robert Hamaker/ Gary Sponholtz / Amar & Sahib-Amar Khalsa; Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity.  Join us for the sake of the children ~ for the sake of our hearts and souls.

“Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage you can’t practice any other virtue consistently. You can practice any virtue erratically, but nothing consistently without courage.” Maya Angelou




Compassionate Storytelling with Jim Brule  Saturday, Feb 29th, 9:00-4:00p




March 4 is the Deadline for ordering Water Canisters and fire extinguishers. The website is All orders need to be collected in Moraga on either March 13th or 14th which members of Peace will coordinate. From Disaster Preparedness Co-Chairs Philippa and Austin

Jazz Church West: Several members from Peace in the audience ascended to the heavens while listening to the Lorca Hart Trio on Sunday evening. They said they would be back but I am not quite sure when. Peace – it’s more than a place, it’s an experience!

Epiphany Light,
Pr. Steve

Pastor’s Blog/Grace Waves 02.05.20


“What does it profit a person to gain/game the whole world and lose your soul?”  Jesus

The Early Communion Class meets this Saturday, February 8 from 4 – 6 pm

Jazz Church West, Sunday Feb 9th, 5:00p – the Lorca Hart Organ Trio!

Candlemas Gifts:  Thanks to those who contributed to our newly initiated Special Fund to provide candles for our Light Globe.  You may still contribute this next Sunday as well.

Thanks to all who contributed their insights from Fr. G’s “Tattoo Talk”  to our homily last Sunday!






Mardi Gras Party – Saturday, February 22!

Be sure to read the Annual Report from our Peace Council.  It will amaze and delight you with the Spirit’s Surprises and our accomplishments during 2019.  (Copies are available at church or online.)  And there is no need to hesitate when it comes to Thanking the Officers and Deacons of our Peace Council for their efforts, constancy and diligence!

How wonderful that we have established the Interfaith Deacon position on our Church Council.  Welcome to Barry Mcavoy who will be the first to serve in this role.  Barry welcomes your ideas and suggestions.

Please keep in your prayers:  Betty, Bob, Denise, Maili, the homies and homegirls who work with Fr. Boyle, Heather, Ed, children in detention on our border, members of the Senate and House.

The Heart of the Matter – Concert benefitting legal services for Children at the Border:  Sunday, Feb 23  ~  5:00p

This week is the  third anniversary of the First Refugee and Travel Ban, as well as the one-year anniversary of the “Migrant Protection Protocols” (MPP) policy that closes our doors to asylum seekers and forces them to wait in dangerous conditions in Mexico. The administration continues to repeatedly attack refugees, asylum seekers and our Muslim neighbors, prolonging family separation, undermining our moral and legal obligations to the most vulnerable and discriminating against people based on their faith or nationality.    

Support the NO BAN Act (S.1123 / H.R.2214) which will protect our Muslim and Refugee Neighbors.  (From the ELCA Advocacy Bulletin)  

“The one thing our Founding Fathers failed to envision is that one of the Co-equal Branches of Government would voluntarily give up its authority.”  Steve Schmidt, Campaign Chair for John McCain’s Presidential Campaign.

The ignorant say to themselves,

“All things are accidental, there is no justice on earth, and after death there is nothing.”

They think that they know; their minds move only on the surface of things.

They don’t perceive the deep patterns or understand who they are.

Thus, they slip into selfishness or slide down into despair.  ~Psalm 53

Did you know???  Sunday, 02.02.2020, was a perfect palindrome???  Not only for the US date format, but also for any date format in the world?!?!?  It’s been 903 years since the last occurrence!

Epiphany blessings,

Pr. Steve