Pastor’s Weekly Message: 09.26.13

Grace Waves


I shall pass through this world but once. Any good thing that I can do or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it now and not defer it, for I will not pass this way again.
(Plaque on the door of a Clinic shared by Dr. Rick Hodes and Mother Teresa’s Missionaries in Ethiopia)

Congratulations to Joan and Jim Strawn on the 61st Wedding Anniversary!  What a blessing they have been to each other and Peace!

Look for an article on our Animal Blessing and Pet Festival in the Thursday CC Times newspaper.  Our own Greg Grebe was interviewed!

Forum–Inspiring Generosity:   Barb Droher–Kline from Thrivent will share simple and joyful ways in which we can express generosity in our lives at Sunday’s Forum after worship.  You will be surprised!

Thanks to all who have been contributing to our Food Barrel.  It is nearly full.  Cans of tomatoes/tomato sauce, beans, tuna and whole wheat pasta are always welcomed.

The Camp Out was a delightful success.  A great evening (after a rainy day) was enjoyed by the deepening of friendships, viewing a great movie, hiking the Labyrinth and simply hanging out.  Dates for future Camp Outs will be chosen!

The Youth Group will meet after worship on October 6—and will hopefully help out with the Pet Festival too.

From Fidel and Heidi:  “On a good note Governor Jerry Brown signed the “youth offender” bill into law the previous Tuesday.  So we should hear something soon since Fidel is at the top of the list.  Fidel’s mother and brother Mark will visit him soon. Fidel and I wish to express our love and well wishes to all at Peace Journey.”

  • October 6:  Pet Festival from Noon–3 pm;  9th Season begins for the Jazz Church West with Ed Reed at 5:00 pm—this season will be dedicated to Vocalists.
  • October 13:  The Partnership Committee invites you to Dinner and Conversation from 4–6 pm at Peace.
  • October 20:  Sing Along and “Sing Out!” Recording with Clairdee and Ken French at 4 pm…..our first sing along gathering for the year.

Check out our web page and Facebook and invite your friends to do the same.  New things are always happening and showing up. (See our Join us on Facebook link at the bottom of every page.)

Keep in your prayers:  Ari, Michael, the hungry, the Children of the World, the war victims of Syria, those living with addictions, the unemployed and the underpaid, those who are striving to do new things which the world needs…..and may not understand.

Speak with Seminarian Brock Klobe if you would like to learn more about participating in the Prison Visitation Ministry in Dublin.  Training will be provided.  Are you being called?

Dr. Rick Hodes (whom We Are All Connected seeks to support, especially through our local Children’s Awareness) often reflects:  I can sometimes cure spinal diseases, but I can’t cure the poverty that brings it on.  May the generosity we have received know no end as it flows through us.

Blessings,  Pr. Steve

Pastor’s Weekly Message: 9.18.13

Grace Waves

I want to know the Truth,” begged the seeker.  “There is something greater than truth, said the sage.  What could be greater than Truth?  Reconciliation, replied the sage.


Homecoming Sunday happens this Sunday when we can all return and catch up with all our friends!  To heighten your joy you can participate in an Overnight Camp Out on this Saturday evening starting around 5:00 pm.  There will be a BBQ, hiking of the Labyrinth, enjoying a movie together, smores and more!  Adults and Youth are invited.  Approximately 8–10 people are confirmed.  And as if this wasn’t enough…..these hearty folk are preparing a Pancake Breakfast for the congregation on Sunday morning!  Arrive any time after 9:05 and eat to your heart’s content.

Name Tags:  You are asked to wear a name tag this Sunday and identify if you are involved in any of the Worship Teams at Peace.

Please keep directing and connecting new friends and old to our Website and Facebook page.  We want to utilize this tremendous resource for our congregational communications, outreach, and blessing of the larger community.   As Jesus taught….become a “Deranged Farmer”—freely casting seeds of creativity, thoughtfulness, education and celebration everywhere.  That’s the gift of our Web—it conveys the passionate commitments of our community.  Enjoy it, contribute to it, share it! Facebook:

The Justice Advocacy Committee met last Sunday.  What a splendid array and depth of energy for implementing the compassion and justice of the Gospel.  You’ll see the fruits of their labors categorized in our bulletin this Sunday.  To learn more check out the Justice Advocacy page on our website.  To get involved contact the coordinators.

The new Connections Committee has recently formed under the leadership of Deacon Dabbie Bowron.  Their work will focus on connecting members within Peace and outreaching/connecting with new friends outside of Peace.

The Education Committee is meeting today.  Expect to learn about new educational opportunities coming your way in these next weeks.

Forum for September 29:  Barb Droher Kline of Thrivent will present information on: How to utilize Choice Dollars for the support of Peace; and information about Community Workshops we might host regarding College Preparation and Retirement Planning to which friends and guests are invited.

Art Exhibit:  The powerful art in our sanctuary is by an Afghani Artist named Shokoor and comes to us through the efforts of Bill Carmel.  A full Exhibit will be evolving in the coming weeks.  You will want to invite friends to come and experience it.  Many more details to come.

The Jazz Recording session of “Sing Out!” had been pushed back to Sunday, October 20.  We hope to have a number of Sing Along Events during the year and this would be our Kick Off Event.  Plan to join in and invite friends.

Seminarian Brock Klobe has begun his work with us and the Federal Prison in Dublin.  He is currently researching the best way for us to start up our Prison Inmate Visitation Ministry.  An Internship Committee is in the process of being constituted.

Our Pet Festival is happening on October 6 from Noon–3:00 pm.   Distribute the fliers far and wide.  Thanks to all who have submitted baskets or gifts for the Silent Auction!

Blessings,  Pr. Steve

Pastor’s Weekly Message 09.11.13

Grace Waves


“The wine we drink today was never held in oaken barrels.

I love this world – even as I hear the Great Wind of Leaving rising;

For there is a grainy taste I prefer, to every idea of heaven,

Human Friendship.” Rumi


With the launching of our New Website 3 Things are asked of you:

  • To check out the Peacejourney website yourself;
  • Invite a friend to look at it too and tell you their impressions (impressions can be shared with each other this Sunday);  and
  • Start participating in the Facebook Conversation—make this a weekly contribution to Peace too!

Dabbie’s comments from Sunday:

The web is a pathway to so many possibilitiessome we haven’t even thought of yet.   It really is our identity, our artistic expression that holds spiritual meaning and exploration.

Facebook is our next layer of connection that is critical to capturing young people and directing them to the website link. Remember the Periodic Table of Texting?  It’s about keeping up with the young folks and understanding their language (well, sort of) which can be a little acronymishly vague.  LOL and HGWA!

As the Deacon of Connections, I believe that our new website and Facebook really offer all of us the opportunity to be a part of the connections’ team.  Each and every one of you makes a difference and your thoughts and ideas are important for all of us to hear—not just on Sunday mornings when you gather to chat before and after church.  But, dialoguing on Facebook.  It’s the quality of this dialoguing that will bring like-minded people to our table.

Five or 10 minutes a week, enter or join in on a topic that interests you:  something regarding spirituality, having a deeper understanding of a biblical chapter, or...  Speak to things that matter to you.  Maybe it will spark something in someone else.  You never know what a simple statement can mean to another person. Keep it playful, keep it positive, but have those conversations.

Our webhost, Jade Orchard counseled me:  Not until we have a dynamic voice/conversation happening (expressing the vitality of Peace) can we link Facebook to our website.  Its the dynamic participation that will make Facebook appealing to others.

Can you make Facebook a part of your weekly Church?
Go to :

Thanks, Dabbie

September Forums:

  • September 15Justice Advocacy:  Come learn about the variety of Justice Ministries now happening at Peace.  (Seminarian John Brett will preach this Sunday!)
  • September 15SubhashitamsFor the Well-Being of the World4:306:00 pm…..Learn about the primary Hindu Texts (Ramayana and the Bhagavad Gita) from Dr. Sitaramanjaneyulu (a Sanskrit Scholar) and Mr. Mohanrao T., MS (Outstanding Scientist of India) on ‘How we can become More Human’.  Free Wisdom/Music/Food/Dialogue and an evolving Art Piece with Bill Carmel.  This is an opportunity to learn about Dharma, Karma and the origin of Yoga.  The event is Free.  This is an occasion to nurture Peace/Shanti and Understanding in our world.
  • September 22 Homecoming Sunday:  Learn about the Many Faces of our Worship Committee and how you can get involved.
  • September 22  ‘Sing Out!’:  Rehearse and Record our Jazz Church West theme song with Clairdee and Ken French and a Community Chorus from 4:006:30pm.  Enjoy working with jazz musicians, learning about the recording process and being purely happy by singing!  No prior experience necessary!
  • September 29 Thrivent/Choice Dollars:  Barb Droher–Kline will share Stewarding Options for increasing the financial support of Peace.

The St. Francis Animal Blessing and Pet Festival is happening on Sunday, October 6 from Noon3:00 pm.  If you wish to contribute a Gift Basket for the Silent Auction please speak with Charlene McPherson.  Thanks to Greg Grebe, Pam and Chuck Fisher for coordinating this annual blessed event!

The Food Pantry has provided us with a Food Bank Barrel.   Whenever you choose you can bring canned goods (non perishable) to worship and place them in the Barrel.

First Friday FilmsEat Drink Man Woman”:  A wonderful turnout last Friday with 13 people joining in, some of them from the jazz community.  Starting to find our stride and momentum.

Keep in your prayers:  Joan, Brie, Marlene, Nette, Annie, Phil, the people of Syria, the leaders of the nations, children in war zones, all our Jewish brothers and sisters at Beth Chaim, B’nai Tikvah, Temple Isaiah and B’nai Shalom who are celebrating the High Holy Days.  The Star of David Mandala, created by Congregation Beth Chaim now rests in the center of our Peace Mosaic.

Peace Camp Out:  We are having a Camp Out at Peace (by the Labyrinth) on Saturday night, September 21.  Details to come. This will be a fun one!

Blessings,  Pr. Steve

Pastor’s Weekly Message 09.03.13


Grace Waves ~~~~:  For a time now I haves suggested that the congregational life of Peace is an “energy field” we get to participate in.  Peace stirs awareness, insight and commitment; connections with friends and community; and quietly encourages the flow of the Spirit within and beyond us.  Our New Website is a means for conveying the ‘holographic mosaic’ of who Peace is and for inviting others to participate with us. Please check out our site this week at:  Become familiar with all that’s happening—you may be surprised.  Come prepared on Sunday to share what you have learned and what you might like to add.  Thanks to Dabbie for her intensive efforts as Connections Deacon to birth our website and wave some of her grace our way!

Those who have Signed Up previously for my weekly Pastoral Letter should automatically receive it now.  If you would like to receive my Letter please Sign Up now. (See the Subscribe button to the left of this week’s message.)

This Sunday our Partnership Delegation will share stories and new perspectives from their Journey to Nicaragua with us.  They will speak during worship and at our Forum which will also include a video presentation.

September 15 – Three Events:  Seminarian John will preach!  The Justice Advocacy Committee will host our Forum.  You can learn about all of the Justice Ministries happening at Peace.  That same afternoon from 4:30–6:00 pm you will get to learn about the primary Hindu Texts (Ramayana and the Bhagavad Gita) from Dr. Sitaramanjaneyulu (a Sanskrit Scholar) and Mr. Mohanrao T., MS (Outstanding Scientist) on ‘How we can become More Human’.  Music, teachings, food, wisdom, dialogue, an evolving Art Piece with Bill Carmel and a chance to learn about the origin of yoga will all happen. The event is free. This is an occasion to nurture peace/shanti and understanding in our world.

September 22 – ‘Sing Out!’:  Rehearse and Record our Jazz Church West theme song with Clairdee and Ken French and a Community Chorus from 4–6:30.  Enjoy working with jazz musicians, learning about the recording process and being purely happy by singing!  No prior experience necessary!

Homecoming Sunday:  The morning of September 22 we will also celebrate the return of the whole community from summer travels.  Great music and celebration food will contribute to the day.  If you have forgotten our location, they now make this thing called a GPS… will help get you directions to Peace.

Welcome to Brock Klobe, our new Seminarian Intern.  Brock will be with us for the next year.  He will work half time at Peace and half time at the Federal Prison in Dublin.

Keep in your prayers:  Joan, Brie, Marlene, Nette, Annie, Phil, the people of Syria, the leaders of the nations, and fast food workers who must choose between a roof or food, healthcare or bus fare.

Our thanks to Ron Elsdon for his presentation this past Sunday on Inequality:  The Wolf at the Door.

The next Tai Chi Chuan class series will begin on Thursday, September 12 at 7:00 pm.  It is a 12 week series and all are invited to explore this ancient practice of Meditation in Movement.

First Friday Films:  This Friday evening at 6:30 pm—“Eat, Drink, Man, Woman”.  This will be a great one.  The movie, the company and the popcorn are outstanding!

St. Francis Animal Blessing and Pet Festival pm—October 6 from Noon to 3:00:  Fliers for this wonderful annual event have been prepared.  You can get hard copies on Sunday and electronic fliers will be sent to you next week.  If you have Silent Auction items to present, please contact Charlene.

Oikonomia – Earth Household (a real economy)…….remember the Oreos.

Blessings,  Pr. Steve