Good News, 11.21.2008


In certis unitas, in dubiis libertas, et in omnibus caritas.

In certainties unity, in doubts liberty, and in everything charity.  St. Augustine

What an Open Approach from St. Augustine:  Where we agree – solidarity; where we have divergent views – respect for the other; and in all our endeavors – kindness, understanding and freedom.  This wisdom can heal our negating tendencies to ridicule, divide and reject.

The Psalms Class is off to a good start.  Next classes will be on December 3 and 10.  We have already had discussion about offering the Psalms again in the new year so more people can participate.  Speak with Maili if you want to learn more or be included in this opportunity.

Congratulations to Delise Williams and Brett Anderson who will be married this Saturday; to Kenzie and Bo Johnson who are pregnant; and to Heather and Denise on the birth of nephew Elias!

A proposal to have Sunday School after Children’s Time and during the Homily is being explored by Bob Winter.  The children would return to worship for Eucharist.  We would like to develop a team of people to coordinate this.  If you might want to assist Bob please speak with him on Sunday or contact him at: [email protected] or 786-1726.

Does your child or a friends need tutoring in language, math or science?  Speak with Jasmine Durant this Sunday.  Jasmine is skilled, experienced and willing to assist.

Please bring your Pledges to worship this Sunday.

Pr. Anita sends this special announcement for this coming Sunday:

I’m really pleased to pass along word that 24 children and 26 adults have signed up for the Extreme Gingerbread Home Makeover on Saturday, December 6. I completed all the baking yesterday and you might be interested to know it takes about 2 bags of flour, 1 bag sugar, 15 jars molasses, 12 pounds butter, 3 dozen egg yolks, and several cups of spices to make the magic happen! As long as the kitchen was a sticky mess I went ahead and made a few extra houses so if you and your favorite kiddo would still like to join us please let me know asap and I’ll put a ‘sale pending’ sign on one of them with your child’s name on it!

As you know, home construction costs can run high and so this Sunday (November 23), there will be a “Before Thanksgiving Day After Christmas 1/2 Price Sale” on rolls of Christmas paper immediately after worship. The proceeds will be going to cover the cost of gumdrops, red vines, Kit Kats and all the other custom candy orders that were placed by our young builders last Sunday.

I still need volunteers to help me glue the houses together on Friday, November 5, and to help prepare and serve the light lunch for the children and their parents on Saturday. Please let me know asap if you would be willing to help on one or both of these occasions. Thanks!

The Catechumenate Program is a deepening of faith process for adults.  It begins in Advent (December) and goes through Easter.  By various teaching methods and prayerful rites it gradually reveals and enriches whta it means to live a baptized life.  It is spiritually profound and joyful.  If you would like to learn more please contact me.

Weeding and Prepping the Native Garden.  This Sunday at 9 am the youth are doing some work in our Native Garden prior to worship.  Everyone who wishes to join in may do so.  Ro will help distinguish weeds from plants if you need his assistance. If you can bring your own gloves and spades – all the better.  Pizza for all will follow worship.

John and Eloise McVicar sent Peace a word of special thanks for their Wedding Anniversary Celebration this past Sunday.  Thank you Eloise and John for all the blessings you have brought to Peace throughout the years.

Bhavia Wagner who provided the Cambodian Crafts last Sunday sent this word:

It was such a pleasure and spiritually rich experience to come to your church and be so supported!  I’ve never had that experience before, and it was so deeply touching.  Thank you so much for the great effort you put into welcoming me and including Friendship with Cambodia in your service in so many ways.  Your congregation followed through and was so supportive too.  They bought $746 in crafts and gave $420 in donations  I was thrilled!  Thank you for your generous purchases.

The whole experience in your church was so healing for me, as I was raised in a very dark and conservative Lutheran Church.  Not fun.  Later in life I connected with Spirit.  I still love the ritual  and Holy Communion with all of you was a deep experience for me.  I had no idea there was this form of Lutheranism.  Thank you.

Raddi reported at Council this past week that Peace was YELPed/reviewed by a person who came to Jazz at Peace.  Check it out.

Blessings, Pr. Steve

Good News, 11.13.2008


To know God means to know what needs to be done.

Congratulations to Eloise and John McVicar who are celebrating their 65th Wedding Anniversary on November 13!  I am pleased that they will get to be with us in worship this Sunday.

Thanks to Elisabeth Pfeiffer and Zhiting Tsai for their splendid gifts to our worship this past Sunday!

A three session class on The Psalms: Theology, Poetry and Music with Maili Malvre will begin this next Wednesday, November 19 from 10:30 – 12:30.  The Class continues on December 3 and 10.  All are invited to this excellent opportunity for Advent Preparation.

.Junior High News from Ceil McCloy:

Well Everybody, we had an awesome weekend! Everyone who went on the Jelly Belly Factory tour on Saturday enjoyed it soooo much (Mackie, Hannah, and Tony). Then on Sunday we worked really hard with the car wash and raised $105 dollars!!  This means that we can adopt a family not just some kids to buy Christmas presents!! Yeah for us. Thanks to Everett S. who came on the Saturday Jelly Belly tour. Thanks to Andre, Mackie, Tony, and Allison for being the main washers at the Car Wash.  Also thanks to Christy and Jasmine for being such able Mom assistants.

The Stewarding Committee has sent a mailing your way.  Thanks for your continued support of Peace in these difficult times.

The Confirmation Class continues to meet on Wednesday evenings.  The Confirmands will meet with their families and Pr. Steve this Sunday afternoon at the Shepanek’s.  The Youth Group had an incredible worship experience at a Hindu Temple recently.

Honey from the Monastery has been selling like crazy.  Cases and individual jars are available for purchase.  Best blessed honey in the world.  They make great holiday gifts.

Gingerbread House Decorating is on Saturday, December 6 from 9:30 – 12:30 am.  22 Children have signed up.  There is space for only a few more.  If you would like to participate (children/grandchildren require adult supervision) contact Anita directly at: [email protected].  Pr. Anita promises a sticky delight for everyone present.

The Catechumenate Program is a deepening of faith process for adults.  It begins in Advent (December) and goes through Easter.  By various teaching methods and prayerful rites it gradually reveals and enriches whta it means to live a baptized life.  It is spiritually profound and joyful.  If you would like to learn more please contact me.

The Prayer Shawl Ministry met this past Sunday and came up with many creative ideas.  You will be experiencing the warmth, prayerfulness and beauty of their shawls as the year continues.

Marlene Garrity thanks you for our continued support of Friends Outside who assists the families of incarcerated people.  Gifts of clothing, greeting cards and money are invaluable.  Hopefully we will get to support some of these families’ children with out Giving Tree gifts.

Please keep in your prayers: Karl Teachenor on the death of his mother, Brayden Keller, Nancy Van Diest, Dorothy Lo Bianco, Annie Haines, Andrew Ricci, Patricia,Yuanyuan Zhong, the unemployed, those threatened by our economic times, for our families and those with health concerns.  May we be receptive to new understandings of wisdom and peace in struggling times.

Gifts and crafts from Cambodian women and children injured by landmines will be available for purchase after worship this Sunday.  Your purchases will help the poor and destitute of Cambodia survive and thrive.

Pete Yellin and his quartet blew everyone away for Jazz at Peace last Sunday.  What a gifted artist!

“Don’t be a fool, provide yourself good fuel.”

Blessings, Pr. Steve

Good News, 11.07.2008


“Letting go is not optional in this life, any more than exhaling is optional to breathing.  What we call life is in fact a process of living an dying, attaching and detaching, going on at every moment.  As we choose to attend and cooperate, our souls are being ‘oned’ to God!”  (Elaine Prevallet)

A Class on the Psalms:  Maili Malvre is preparing to teach a class on the Psalms: Their Theology, Poetry and Musical Interpretations.  There will be 3 sessions on Wednesdays – Nov. 19, Dec. 3 and 10.  Daytime hours to be decided.  This would be a wonderful contribution to your Advent preparations.  Speak with Maili regarding details and questions you may have.

The Junior High group would like to wash your car this weekend – weather permitting.

Three precincts held their voting at Peace this past Tuesday.  Voters packed the Gathering Hall all day long.

Honey from the Monastery has arrived.  Cases and individual jars are available for purchase.  Best blessed honey in the world.  They make great holiday gifts.

Gingerbread House Decorating is on Saturday, December 6 from 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.  Pr. Anita promises a sticky delight for young kids and or grandchildren. While registration has already closed Anita MIGHT be able to make space for you and your child if you contact her immediately before she bakes all the houses in the next two weeks.

Please keep in your prayers: Nancy Van Diest, Dorothy Lo Bianco, Annie Haines, Yuanyuan Zhong, Eloise McVicar, Susanna and all who are with child, the unemployed, those threatened by our economic times, our children, and all the loved ones who have gone before us.

It was a pleasure to have Trish Watts with us this past Sunday for All Saints Day.  More guest artists are coming your way this Sunday!

Our Stewarding Season begins this Sunday.  Deacon Raddi El Mogazi and Treasurer Dave Dobson will have words of wisdom to share with you.

The Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County will have its Annual Dinner this Sunday.   Mr. Ron Young, respected director of the U.S. Interfaith Committee for Peace in the Middle East will speak. He always brings a positive, refreshing and realistic outlook for peace in that region.

After settling in the East Bay a few years ago Pete Yellin, a New York jazz vet transplant, has acquired a loyal following of hard bop lovers and folks who just love quality improvising. Always delivering excellence Pete has become very active in the local jazz scene attracting many top musicians to perform with him. His newest quartet at [email protected] is guaranteed to be very special. Don’t miss it!

Blessings, Pr. Steve