01.09.14: Pastor’s Weekly Message

Grace Waves

Dear Sages:

The One who set the Magellinic Cloud on its course,

Now for our sake and sake of creation

Brings the cosmos to the manger.

And the One who travelled past the Pleides,

Through Orion, Andromeda and the Milky Way

Desires now to live in the small house of our hearts.

Welcome him! —Richard Caemmerer

Forum – January 12:  The Pope and Martin Luther on Unequal Wealth and Ministry to the Poor – you will find this dialogue fascinating!

January 19 – Dr. King’s Holiday:  A portion of the film “Many Rivers” and reflection on Racism and the Church today.

Epiphany Gifts/Classes:  How delightful to experience our Holy Family/Holy Trinity (Joseph/Abba – Greg; Mary/Spirit – Elizabeth; and Son/Baby Jesus – Ryan) on Epiphany Sunday.  The Gift of Abigail’s Song completed our joy!  To continue our participation in the Wondrous Perichoresis – the Great Dance Around the Trinity, I will offer these classes during the course of 2014:  The Sermon on the Mount in February; the Lord’s Prayer during Lent; “The Courage to be Happy” in late Spring; and Training in Compassion in the Fall.  As our Ephesians text said, “How many-faceted aspects exist in the wisdom of God!”

Eagle Scout Ceremony:  Jack O’Neil and proud parents Elizabeth and John Hunter Ashley invite you to celebrate Jack’s accomplishment with them this Sunday at 4:00 pm at Peace. Join in this joyous occasion.  A reception will follow.

Early Communion Class:  On Sunday, January 19 our next Early Communion Class will be taught.  It is ideal for children in 2nd – 5th grades.  Four families are participating already.  If you have children or grandchildren to include please let me know.  This is always a marvelous learning experience for children and their families.

Christmas Highlights:  What a joyous season we shared!  Caroling – a dozen people accompanied Gary and his accordion as we visited several members homes and strolled their neighborhood (this instantly became an Annual Tradition!).  All the beautiful children at the Family Service with Angels Elizabeth and Ava, Baby Jesus Ryan, Wise Ones Regan, Reese and Andrew, Mary/Xanthea and Joseph/Brock, Narrator – Jack, Flute Soloist Regan and Little Drummer Boy Noah.  All the lovely music at our Candlelight Service….the Hunter Ashley family played and sang for all our Christmas Services! No one will ever forget Applauding the Hosts of Heaven!

Christmas Day Hyunjung Choi and Elizabeth Hunter gave us a special musical gift along with Bev and Elizabeth singing a sweet duet.   Gary designed  warm, heart touching services and gave us precious music throughout.  We cannot forget how the Pure Delight Concert on December 8th  launched this wonderful season.  Thanks to all who played and prayed and participated! On Christmas Day – No one will ever forget Chuck and Pam Fisher’s Cinnamon Rolls baking as we prayed and blessing us with the taste of Christmas for hospitality hour!

Dear Friends at Peace:  I forgot to tell you that on the 8th of December the government declared a Day of Prayer, in remembrance of Nelson Mandela and to pray that God should guide us to follow his legacy and what he went to prison for. Churches throughout the country were involved in prayer and some activities were televised.

I do not remember everything I wrote in my previous email; but if I did not mention the involvement of Peace in our struggle for freedom, then it was a mistake and I would like to apologize for doing that. Peace Lutheran has no idea of the big contribution they made.  During our time of exile, Peace among few congregations provided us with a home away from home. Friends at Peace with their listening ears and their prayers sustained us during those trying times. Christians friends in need are friends indeed. Your support has not gone unnoticed. The existing partnership with Lwamondo is also a living example of true friendship in Christ. Your visit to Lwamondo then and even now is a living example of Christ who goes beyond the color line. Not all sermons are delivered from the pulpit; there are many sermons which are preached by our own lives. Love is an action word and indeed what you have been demonstrating is love and peace in action.

Much love,  Mudzunga Farisani

Please keep in your prayers:  Gen, Mary, Margaret, Taddy, Sandy, Joan, those with the flu, our children, the people of the Philippines, those living without shelter, food or employment in our country, our partners in Laurel Galan and Lwamondo Parish, for the grace to live in the wisdom of God.

New Tai Chi Class Series:  The next 12 week series begins this Thursday, January 9 at 7:00 pm at Peace.  Learn to enjoy and integrate the body-mind-spirit/ martial arts/ and ‘meditation in movement’ dimensions harmoniously.

Enjoy a Docent Tour of the Veil Wall with Bill Carmel during Hospitality Hour this Sunday and next.

Claim your Sage; nurture an Affectionate Relationship with your Imperfect Self; and welcome Lofty Aspirations for 2014 – Arise, Shine, our Light has come!

Epiphany Blessings,  Pr. Steve