Pray for Peace on Earth...


Journey at Peace

Strength emerges from calmness and trust


Art & Spirituality

We only see what we praise!


Jazz at Peace

The soul has no shape…only melody and pulse


Justice Advocacy

All I ask for is the justice of eating...Pablo Neruda


Science & Evolution

There’s no free lunch…except for the Universe

Welcome to Peace Lutheran Church. — an unfolding mosaic of Grace. We encourage spiritual exploration; equip friends with  experiences of wisdom, compassion and joy; provide pastoral care; engage contemporary prophetic struggles; value both our Christian roots and dialogue with interfaith partners as we celebrate creativity and contemplation  in community life and worship. Join us!

What’s New…

Blue Christmas Services in the SF Bay Area

Chanukkah Celebration at Beth Chaim will be on Friday, December 19

Mark your calendars for this year’s Pure Delight Concert December 21

December 24: Children and Family worship 5PM; Candlelight and Communion 10PM

December 25: Christmas Day worship, 10AM

Veil Tapestry:  Click here for more information on threading the connection for all faiths

Each holiday season, Peace Lutheran Church anticipates and relies on a seasonal increase in contributions. It is through the donations of every individual and family in the congregation that we are able to carry on our work now and throughout the year. Click here to learn more.


A welcome message from our Pastor


Pure Delight Concert
December 21, 4:30PM