Bishop Dr. Victoria Cortez of Nicaragua with Peace delegation

We were fashioned to behold the wonders all around us...


Art & Spirituality

Simplicity speaks volumes...


Jazz at Peace

The soul has no shape…only melody and pulse


Justice Advocacy

A thousand candles can be lighted from the flame of one candle... Gandhi


Science & Evolution

When the solution is simple, God is answering... Einstein

Welcome to Peace Lutheran Church. — an unfolding mosaic of Grace. We encourage spiritual exploration; equip friends with  experiences of wisdom, compassion and joy; provide pastoral care; engage contemporary prophetic struggles; value both our Christian roots and dialogue with interfaith partners as we celebrate creativity and contemplation  in community life and worship. Join us!

What’s New…

  • 11.19   Stewarding Sunday
  • 11.19  Weaving Our Stories – Listen to someone’s story TODAY; Add a strand to the weaving tapestry in Gathering Hall
  • 11.18 Concert supporting with music by Elizabeth Hunter Ashley, Melinda Morse, and Gary Sponholtz
  • 11.18 Chromatic Concert, 7:00pm  – (details/ticket info here)
  • 12.03 Justice Advocacy meets following worship
  • 12.03 Jazz Church West, Anton Schwartz & Josh Nelson
  • 12.08  Second Friday Films – 6:30p Christmas Story (from Finland)
  • 12.09  Pure Delight / Pacific Choir Concert
  • 2017 First Friday Films schedule
  • Refugee Help Volunteers? Link here to find out more


Thanksgiving Service


Peace Lutheran Church



November 22, 2017   

7:30 pm

Second Friday Films

Dec 8   6:30pm

Gathering Hall

Dinner & Movie

Peace supports Justice for all.
Link here for more information

Chromatica In Concert

Saturday  November 18th

Concert 7:00pm

Reception Following


Mary LaCasse

Journey of the Imagination:  

Blessings from the Creative Process

September 3  –  Nov 26, 2017